Taldoo – Unleash Your Employees’ Talents

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taldoo talent management database

Martin and I both used to work for larger companies but even with several thousands co-workers we had to buy external services for translations, events etc.. We weren’t able to get access to the “real” internal talent pool. So we started to build taldoo – the new way of talent management. In bigger companies you […]

Chatbots supporting HR and Recruitment

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HRtools Chatbot Solution for HR and Recruitment

In December 2017 vision2process, under the brand HRtools, will launch two Messenger chatbots supporting HR and recruitment. The virtual Recruitment Assistant is designed to communicate with candidates. He supports the sourcing, screening and messaging processes. The virtual HR assistant is available to internal staff. Both assistants use Facebook’s Messenger platform, which is, with more than 1.2 billion […]