Chatbots supporting HR and Recruitment

HRtools Chatbot Solution for HR and Recruitment

In December 2017 vision2process, under the brand HRtools, will launch two Messenger chatbots supporting HR and recruitment. The virtual Recruitment Assistant is designed to communicate with candidates. He supports the sourcing, screening and messaging processes. The virtual HR assistant is available to internal staff. Both assistants use Facebook’s Messenger platform, which is, with more than 1.2 billion monthly users, the largest chat application besides WhatsApp.


Chatbots supporting HR and Recruitment – the technology is ready to use!

In the last years, the technology in the areas of virtual assistants, speech and text recognition and artificial intelligence has developed that virtual assistants have found their way into our everyday lives. The communication with systems changed from technical commands to natural language input.

The virtual assistants bring many advantages, they …

  • answer in real time
  • are available around the clock, 24 × 7 and will not get tired
  • always deliver the same quality
  • can deal with a very large amount of requests
  • are multilingual
  • take over recurring, simple tasks and assist the business departments
  • can be individually adapted to the needs and processes
  • save time and money


80% top-of-funnel recruiting activities can be automated.


Recruitment Assistant for Candidates

Applicants can find out about the company, submit unsolicited applications or applications to specific positions, and the virtual recruitment assistant already supports within pre-selection process. Candidates are able to send documents, audio, video, pictures and text to the virtual assistant. The data received will be structured and forwarded to the HR department or stored in an internal system via an interface (API).

The virtual recruitment assistant is currently available in English and German. Additional languages ​​can be activated.

Here the tasks of HRtools recruitment assistant:

  • Answering questions about the company and advertised jobs
  • Pre-selection (pre-screening) of candidates
  • Receipt of applications with the possibility to ask first questions to the applicant
  • Schedule interviews
  • Send follow-ups and reminders
  • Accepts audio, video, text, speech as user input


HR assistant for internal staff

HRtools chatbot virtual HR recruitment assistant


For the internal staff, a virtual HR assistant has been designed. The following tasks are currently being handled by the HR bot:

  • Sickness and accident notification, submission of doctor’s certificates
  • Order documents (confirmation of work, certificate of employment and other documents)
  • Claiming expenses (send a photo of the receipt and done 🙂 )
  • Timekeeping (tracking start and end of the work day)
  • Answering the FAQs
  • Sending follow-ups and reminders
  • Employee surveys
  • Schedule meetings with the HR department
  • Contact the HR department: send a message, start a live chat, or make a call

Our chatbots are individually setup to your business processes and workflows.


Chatbot’s AI recognizes the submissions and requests of candidates or employees and answers questions

In addition to the selection via main menu, your users can directly ask questions to the chatbot. Chatbot’s AI (artificial intelligence) allows to answer the user’s questions and react on the user’s behavior.

The virtual assistants / chatbots offer real added value. The HR department can concentrate on the core tasks. The HR chatbot answers all first level requests in real-time, structures the data and forwards the information.

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